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Groomed for Professional Success
At work, we want to be acknowledged based on our skills and achievements. However, whether we like it or not, some people would rather judge us according to how we look. This may vary depending on your industry or your company, but generally speaking, appearance does matter.

There are a lot of benefits to looking good at work. For one, looking good makes you feel good. You feel confident all day meeting colleagues or clients knowing you look decent and well-kept. Good grooming also enhances your appeal. Believe it or not, people tend to gravitate towards those who look respectful and pleasant. You can easily charm or win people over with your polished look.

Nowadays, employers have the freedom to create the culture they desire at work. Some employers want to promote creativity and ease by allowing employees to wear jeans and shirts to work. Others want to set a more corporate tone by requiring everyone to wear tailored suits. Either way, good grooming is important whether you are dressed down or dolled up.

Personal grooming puts emphasis on proper hygiene or in cleaning and maintaining one’s body. A crisp suit is useless if you smell bad. How you present yourself to the world could make or break opportunities in your career, relationships, or even your social life.

So how can you look good and make everything else work in your favor? Here are some basic tips:

Hair. Our hair is the most noticeable thing that people see. We need to take good care of our crowning glory by washing it frequently with shampoo and conditioner. Regular haircuts are also recommended. Men should comb their hair well, and women should tie long hair to keep loose strands away from the face.

Skin. We need to keep our skin healthy through proper skin care. Facial washes and moisturizers keep our face clean, fresh, and free of pimples or blemishes. Women should not wear too much makeup at work. Men should shave or keep facial hair neatly trimmed. While tattoos or piercings are good for self-expression, not everybody is agreeable to them. It is best to keep them concealed unless you are in industries where creativity and free expression is encouraged.

Nails. Fingernails and toenails should be clean and trimmed. There is no room for dirty nails in professional workplaces, casual lunches, or classy dinner dates. Generally, men’s nails should be short and clean with no ragged edges. Women’s nails should be smooth and the length of nails should match. If wearing nail polish, it should be well-maintained or removed as soon as it chips.

Teeth. Clean teeth are healthy teeth. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. To keep your breath fresh, use mouthwash after brushing. Bad breath happens to everyone, so take extra care to eliminate it. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone who has foul-smelling breath.

Body. Body odor can also be a real problem with co-workers commuting to work or exercising in the middle of the day. If going for a jog or an exercise during lunch, employees should hit the showers and freshen up after. Removing shoes in the office could also result to foot odor offending colleagues, so be sensitive. A good deodorant, antiperspirant, and perfume are helpful, but do not overdo it. Strong scents or fragrance at work is not ideal, so tone it down.

Clothing. There is a rule of thumb to observe when it comes to the clothes we wear at work. If your job requires you to face clients every minute of every day, then it is best to dress conservatively. People working in industries like finance, law, accounting, and insurance should be business-like. Industries that are more relaxed like IT, real estate, travel and education can lean more on the business casual side. While professions in advertising, public relations, and entertainment can be trendy or fashion forward. Whatever style you are wearing, always wear clean clothes. Regularly washing clothes removes stains and eliminates odors. Wash clothes before pressing them. Wear jewelry that is appropriate for your job as well.

Good personal grooming and dressing well for work should always go hand in hand. It not only makes you look great, but also creates an aura of professionalism, confidence, and elegance to your look and attitude.

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