What is Success?

These thoughts are from my teacher Qasim Pasta he sahre this on his blog he asked a question "what

is success?" from his teacher Parkash Loahana, Mr. Parkash give him answer.

Success cannot be measured in terms of money, power prestige, influence, education or standing in society. For a man may have all of these but yet his life is full of misery, unhappiness, moral corruption, and ineffectiveness. Success should be measured by the yardstick of happiness, the ability to be happy, and make others happy, the ability to be loved and to love, the ability to remain peaceful harmony with those around you, with your own self and with God's cosmic laws.

Success has three dimensions; the first is length, which is concerned with a man's material needs, his hopes and aspirations, his desires and dreams. The second dimension is breadth, for the truly successful man should go beyond himself and reach outward to others. Third dimension is height; he must go high and tap the hidden source of supply and wisdom which we call God.

Then, a personal living in a small cottage, don't have much wealth can be a successful person… but do we know any such successful person?

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